Berger OM-6: High Porosity Peat/Perlite/Compost Blend

  • All-Purpose High Porosity Organic Peat/Perlite Mix
  • Optimum Aeration and pH is attained with this precise blend of coarse peat moss & horticultural perlite with organic compost, a wetting agent, and dolomite lime
  • Ingredients: coarse peat moss, perlite, compost, dolomitic and calcitic limestone, organic wetting agent
  • Organic agriculture approved
  • Ideal for both quick turn-around and full-season production
  • Provides moderate water retention capabilities to assist in water management under rapid dry down periods
  • Designed for small to mid size container production for short term production such as herb and vegetable seedling transplants, however this high-performance media is compatible with & typically improves production in most growing conditions and systems
  • Product Size: 6 Cu Ft of soil compressed into 3.8 Cu Ft Bale (30 Bales/Pallet)
  • Call For Bulk Pricing


Image 1:emballageom6_generalpurposemix_38bag_berger.png