Biologic Systems Fish Hydrolysate

<ul> <li>(2-3-0)&nbsp;</li> <li>Premium quality liquid fish fertilizer created through a proprietary cold enzyme process</li> <li>Ingredients: fresh fish offal processed with organic non-GMO enzyme and low temperature hydrolysis</li> <li>Double-screened through an 80-mesh screen and can be applied by all normal methods including injection with seed, side-dressing and any type of conventional fertilizer-grade irrigation system or spray rig</li> <li>Stabilized with phosphoric acid to target pH 3.5 - 3.8.&nbsp;</li> <li>Proprietary certified organic process&nbsp;using enzyme accelerated&nbsp;hydrolysis that helps lock in the enriching nutrients in the fish organic material, allowing it to deliver superior nutritional value to the plant and soil&nbsp;</li> <li>Application: compost tea activator; plant fertilizer for fertigation,&nbsp;root drench, foliar feed, drip; compost accelerator; soil builder</li> <li>Widely used for organic vineyards, farms, orchards, gardens of all scales and crops.</li> </ul>