Biologic Systems Granular Mycorrhizae

Biologic Systems Granular Mycorrhizal contains the most widely studied Endo Mycorrhizal species, Glomus intraradices (recently reclassified as Rhizophagus irregularis), proven to provide Phosphorous fixation to plant roots through a symbiotic plant-microbial relationship. 95% of plant species form and benefit from Mycorrhizal relationships. Endo Mycorrhizae associates with 90% of plants, whereas the 5% that associate with Ecto are mainly evergreen trees. Biologic Granular Mycorrhizae comes in uniform granules for easy root or soil application. Contains 80 spores per cc. Product Sizes: 3 Lb. 20 Lb. 40 Lb.


Image 1:Gran Myco.jpg